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7 Ways Technology Is Changing Pool Maintenance

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As time goes on, technology advances as well. New inventions are created every single day to cope with the needs of the people. This is especially true in pool maintenance which is very beneficial to pool owners all around the world. In this article, we’ll list down the ways technology is changing pool maintenance.

Floors Can Now Be Cleaned Automatically

The first thing on our list is the fact that pool floors can now be cleaned automatically using a robotic swimming pool cleaner. You can easily program these kinds of devices to vacuum all the dirt in the depths of your pool. It is also very efficient in saving energy that will lower your electricity bill for sure.

Testing Water Is Easier

Before, to make sure that your pool water is safe for your family, especially your kids, you will submit the same to a laboratory which is a hassle. But now, you can adjust the pH level of your pool using apps on your phone. Having this kind of upgrade is great for family homes.

Scheduled Cleaning Time

Aside from the fact that automatic pool cleaners exist to suck all the debris on the floor of the pool, they can also be scheduled to do the same. Technology is so advanced now that you can set what time your robotic pool vacuum can do its work.

Minimizing Chlorine Levels

Aside from making sure that the pool water is clean and safe, the chemicals like chlorine in the same can be manipulated as well. With the advanced program today, you can easily lower or tone down the chlorine levels of your pool. This will ensure that your kids can swim in it safely.

You Can Program a Robot Pool Cleaner

There is a lot more with the robotic cleaner that can clean pool floors. You can program this device into filtering the water while it vacuums and also circulate the same without ruining the chemicals and the pH level of the water. Depending on the brand and unit you will buy, there are a lot more functions you can play with.

Activating Pool Chemicals Is a Breeze

Do you worry about getting harmed in the usual way of shocking the pool to activate the chlorine and other pool chemicals? Well, you can now use safe technology and even program them to automatically activate the aforementioned ones easily. There are also chlorine products that can activate on themselves.

Maintaining a pool in its tip-top shape is getting easier as time goes by because of the technology we have today. This will attract more homeowners to be smart in investing their money to take care of their pools with the right tools and equipment.